Making the leap

Welcome to our (mine) first ever blog, I want to share the creative journey that I have set out upon, making a successful creative media agency and after nearly two years of the first building block being laid so far so good.

I want to blog firstly about making the dreaded 'Leap Of Faith' quitting the day job......

My passion since I left school was always to have a career in website design & media, but to be blunt it never happened. Until 2 years ago when I eventually woke up from the zombified 9-5 safe house I was living in. I was being paid, I was secure but god I was bored I wasn’t reaching the potential that I felt I could achieve.

I opened my laptop & starting doing what makes me happy in the evenings & weekends & started slowly building clientele the passion for it was oozing out of me it made me feel alive.

This is what I wanted to do design websites for people be creative the satisfaction is electrifying upon completion & a happy client. BUT could I quit my day job? Do this for myself? I was scared of what my family would say, scared of maybe not having enough money could I survive? I couldn't do it... I have a home a good life style, many great holidays I was secure & safe.

Until this year.. I made THE LEAP! Having spent the last six months improving my brand speaking & spending time with good people who have also made the leap receiving awesome advice & feedback & never dying support from my partner I made the leap!

I feel fresh, excited very nervous but strong! I can't fail if I don't give up & I've only just begun, a new lease of life which I never thought I'd feel. Someone said a line to me earlier this year which switched on my light bulb. "A life of design is by design" design your own life. I envisioned it so I'm going to design it. There is so much to do so much to learn, you just have to keep the faith.