Five months into year two already where does the time go!?…Its been the craziest five months of the business so far and the overall target for year two to grow the business by 200% is well on course. The set goals I laid out to achieve this has been the reason why its been the craziest five months, I’ve been everywhere networking, Manchester, Oldham, Wigan and Rochdale, mostly they have been Chamber of Commerce events but I have been invited to many different events due to expanding my network, I truly believe constant networking and just being yourself and not a salesmen is the main reason for growth I’ve met so many more great people who are sending referrals my way which is fantastic.

For the first time I have rolled out an email marketing campaign which so far has been slow progress, I wasn’t too sure about sending out marketing this way as I find it slightly robotic and I don’t feel that it has the personal touch to it that I regard Forty3 Media to be. But its early days with this approach and I will try to make the campaign an honest one and reach out to potential clients in the right fashion, the whole point is to be different so I will see how this method goes. We’ll see.

I have also been very busy with my local community in the Oldham borough I have signed up to the ‘Elevate & Accelerate’ mentoring programme at Oldham College helping mentor a young student who is looking to start his own business in the tech world, he is a great student and is buzzing with ideas therefore I’m very much looking forward to helping him develop.

I have been doing a lot more with the Oldham Enterprise Trust sitting on the assessment panel and listening to business pitches and ideas, I love being on the panel it has a dragons den kind of vibe to it and I have been fascinated at the high level of young budding entrepreneurs business plans and pitches, there are many bright young individuals in the Oldham area and I honestly think Oldhams future for business is looking very promising, and I think the high standard of the colleges and schools have a lot to do with it I have recently had a tour of Oldham College and North Chadderton school and the facilities are truly mind blowing I really wish I had these kind of facilities available to me when I were at school many years ago, the opportunities now for growth for the young people today has really opened my eyes and I’m very passionate to help where I can to prevent young people going down a career path they will end up hating like I did.

The company has been getting involved a lot more with some charities we have recently sponsored the Annie Kenney Project, Annie Kenney was an English working-class suffragette who became a leading figure in the woman social and political union born in Springhead, Saddleworth. The purpose of the project is to raise money to have a stateu of Annie erected in Oldham town centre which has been confirmed for the 14th December we are very proud to be apart of this project.

Forty3 Media has also become a bronze partner of The Oldham Action Fund which means we will be donating money over the course of 2018/19 which supports good causes across the Oldham borough so we can make a real difference to local lives.

Getting involved in so much within my community has been a massive step forward in my personal growth Ive always been a confident person in my own environment (which means with friends in a pub) but stepping out to all of these charity events and speaking with new people about business and even taking part in public speaking has been so far out of my comfort zone, I still struggle with nerves and slight anxiety even though I don’t show it but I can feel myself getting stronger and more confident the more and more I get involved with events and I’m making it a goal to attend even more events and take part in more public speaking.

The biggest and most exciting news for me and the business is that I have been shortlisted for a Greater Manchester Business award this is a massive achievement for me on a huge scale personally, I will admit when I found out my first reaction was jumping out of my chair with a clenched fist and nearly punched my computer monitor, for a couple of seconds there were a lot of anger as I instantly thought of the people who wouldn’t give me a job opportunity just before I went self-employed, some people in the past who said I’ll never quit my job and more recently people laughing at me behind my back because of my new approach in life (it was kind of like a massive FUCK YOU moment) this soon faded after a few seconds as my eyes filled up with tears of happiness and I quickly rang Becky to tell her the good news.

For me this is a victory, the taking part in the awards is more than enough for me I don’t need to win, finally some recognition for 18 months of blood, sweet and tears its a big relief and weight off my shoulders I needed the recognition from somebody I don’t know and not close to me to read my story and be touched by the transition, everyone close to me says ‘well done we are proud of you’ which is fantastic and I’m grateful but there was something inside of me that needed recognition from the outside, call it insecurity, call it vanity, call it however you see it because I’m not sure and if anyone reading this can relate I’d love to hear your comments about this or anything else I’ve mentioned in this blog.

Christmas is fast approaching think I’ll buy a tree for the office this year….Speak Soon