Flying Solo

Welcome to my second ever blog… and wow where do I start!?

The first six months of being self employed running my own media company (Forty3. Media) has been quite outstanding, outstanding as a success point of view but on the other hand I have suffered  many emotions up and down which I will touch on in turn.

The first six months has been unbelievable because I never expected to amass so many clients in such a short time, I have dedicated myself to 12 hour working days sometimes more seven days a week, the first 3 hours of the morning spending solely on social media building my brand and making noise, if you are following me you have probably heard. The rest of the day working on projects such as website designs, branding, logos and more, I have successfully worked with clients from Manchester, London, Wales and Melbourne Australia!!

I have also joined the Greater Manchester Chambers of Commerce networking group, which for me was totally out of my comfort zone, walking into a room of strangers (without alcohol) and introducing myself at networking events and pitching myself and my company was daunting, I was shy and struggled at first but I have come to find that people are very supportive and it can be a relaxed environment, I have met some amazing people and some people I can now call my friends I now can't get enough of the networking events and I would strongly recommend them to absolutely anybody.

Another totally out of character thing I have found myself doing is watching and reading motivational speakers and entrepreneurs, partially Gary Vaynerchuk, I cannot get enough of his daily vlog and I have learnt so much and a lot of things have hit home for example: I no longer worry and concentrate my time or effort on ‘dumb shit’ I don’t hang around with or have time for the negative people because it sucks up so much of your time and energy there is so much to do and so much to learn and I've found blocking the shit out has helped improve my life in all areas.

As a designer I have massively improved and learnt so much, looking back at old designs and maybe thinking “what was I thinking” is all part of the process and I will never be ashamed of old designs because it shows my journey, I have found it can never be perfect and with my struggle with OCD I have found it impossible at times but I have overcome this to produce some great design work which I will probably not like tomorrow but I know what I will produce in the next 6 months will be 110% improvement again.

Now onto the mixed emotions, as many of you may follow me across my social networking channels I make it all look easy and enjoyable. Well I can tell you I have never been happier in my life, being my own boss is incredible and the satisfaction of knowing that I did this, I made it happen, nobody built this for me, nobody. I took charge of my own life but I tell you something…Its hard, its a struggle. The 9-5 pay day was easy even though I moaned it was the worst thing in the world but you could get home and not have to worry about the day job until you rise the next day.
Not now.. everyday, every second you find yourself thinking, probably over thinking “How can I improve this?” “How can I improve that?” “Where should I advertise?” I could go on forever with the questions you ask yourself everyday ALL DAY! This has had an impact on my sleep, I regularly struggle to sleep, and it’s not out of worry it’s my brain being always switched on and always thinking how to be better in all areas of the business. I plan on combating this with more structured days, taking more breaks throughout the day and you never know I may take Fridays off.. well because I can.

I set myself many targets for the business in July, some financial and some not, and as 2017 came to a close I enjoyed the greatest and most successful month in December and smashed my targets which in turn set up 2018 in the best way possible.

I start 2018 very busy.. I have many new projects to start which are going to propel the business to new heights, I have many events to attend I look forward to learn if I will be a nominee for the “The Best Start Up Company” for the “Oldham Business Awards” so fingers crossed.

I want to end this blog to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported Forty3 Creative Media in the last six months. The business has been hugely successful and I couldn’t have done it without key people, you know who you are.

As for the most important people, the doubters and haters you lot have spurred me on even more and without your help and drive I may not have done it.. keep watching and keep up the good work.

We have a huge 2018 ahead as we grow from strength to strength and we cannot wait to share the process with you.. watch this space.

Keep the faith