A revolution from my bed

Two years ago I started a revolution from my bed…literally with a Mac-book on my knee and a cup of tea. Nice rhyming there…but seriously just over two years ago I started Forty3 Media from my bed since then Ive not look back (in anger). Ok no more song lyrics.

Ive told my story many times across my channels of blogs and vlogs but I still feel I have to keep doing these blogs just for myself, I want to be able to read them back in many years to relive the journey that I think is quite remarkable, I still read the previous ones back sometimes when I’m having a low day or a low short period of time to remind myself there is nothing to be down about compared to where I were before I quit my job. I also very much still want to write these blogs because I still want to inspire.

Over the past year its been quite unbelievable how many phone calls and messages I have from some of my close friends and some others that I haven’t spoken to in years reaching out to tell me they felt inspired reading the blogs and watching the vlogs, some of them have since quit their jobs and started on their own releasing their own new found happiness. This makes me more happier than running my own business which has literally taken over my life for the better.

Two years in business is a fantastic achievement the business has gone from strength to strength, I have more than doubled the amount of clients I had from the first year which in turn has grown the business financially by 200% from year one and I’m now working with multi million pound companies across the whole of the U.K. Not bad for some of the fuckers who said I wouldn’t last a year.

Not all a bed of roses though, it has been relentlessly difficult and sometimes depressing, I actually felt at times worse than I probably ever have in my life and for many reasons. Not sleeping is probably the worse aspect of owning a young business and its not for worrying its down to not switching off and I suffer from over thinking and OCD. At the end of each day which is normally between  7-10pm I always plan the next day…I must go over the plan and routine 20 times before I close the office door then lay in bed thinking about it.

Anxiety is another massive problem I have mainly down to the financial side of the business, for everyone who is self employed and especially creative's will know we don’t have a pay day! A pay day can literally be any day of the week or month or sometimes when a client decides to pay, luckily due to good planning I have put myself in a good position to be financially stable therefore clients failing to pay isn’t too much of an issue although it still causes anxiety. What I’m trying to say its not like having a job where we are paid on the same day every month and it doesn’t matter if I have a million pounds in the bank I still don’t know when literally the next pound is going to come, probably over thinking again.

I have had to make some adjustments to try and change my method of thinking because if I didn’t I don’t think I could of carried on, Im probably working on around five projects a month I used to plan my days making sure I worked on all five of them every day at some point, this is a massive no. I have learnt because our minds and motivation are at their strongest when we first wake up therefore by the time I get to work on the forth or fifth project going in the late afternoon my mind is tired the motivation is lower and the quality of the work is affected.

I had to come up with an action plan to prevent feeling depressed or anxious because apart from when I’m feeling like this I feel I’m at my best mentally. I stopped cramming all the work load across all of the day everyday, instead of working on five projects a day I have limited this down to just one or two but just working on them slightly longer. Take more breaks and for longer, not just a five minute break while I drink a coffee, more like thirty minutes to an hour to allow my brain to rest, when I sit back down in the seat after these new breaks I feel amazing and really fresh to go again for hours.

Another action plan is too get out more, get out of the office and exercise, Ive found a new love in running and it really helps clear my mind of literally everything and the sense of achievement of finishing a long run especially if its an official event really does give me a buzz and this I believe helps with any kind of mental health issues.

Another plan of action was to launch my own Pod-cast called ’The Process’ I have only released two episodes so far and the second Episode with my friend Andy Hall called ‘Dealing With Mental Health in Business’ has been very well received  and has had some amazing feedback, particularly with some of my close friends. The whole idea of the pod-cast was to help as many people as possible with their daily lives in business with Andy’s story and unbelievable advice my phone was ringing for days with people reaching out and thanking me saying that the pod-cast had helped them. Mission Accomplished. But I’m not stopping there.

My life’s ambition since I left school was to be doing what I’m doing, designing and building websites for amazing companies and people and getting them results, and to have the freedom to do what the hell I like when I like on my on terms which I’m currently doing which is awesome, but my works aims and targets are more than that, particularly with start up companies, I drive around to meetings in the mornings most weeks and I see the look on peoples faces in their cars on their way to their jobs and I see the look on some school kids faces and its the look of despair and misery. They hate their jobs, the kids hate school, and so did I..but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Find your passion, find what makes you the most happy and do that!..No excuses. I’m no serial entrepreneur and I’m not saying I’ve ‘Made It’ but what does that saying ‘Made It’ mean to you?

If you think success is measured because your posting your BMW on Instagram every five minutes or the watch on your wrist or the 15 holidays to Dubai a year then your fucked!

Let me tell you what I think ‘Made It’ means.. Happiness with no expectations from anyone or anything, complete self awareness at all times. You don’t need a Ferrari or a Rolex to have that.

Again if this blog inspires one person to to start their thing then this adds to my happiness. Please reach out and tell me your story it could turn into a pod-cast.

Keep The Faith